TourAlongWithTodd Blog

When I travel, I like to blog about my adventures via image and captions. And it’s FUN too! Welcome to the TourAlongWithTodd Blog!

TourAlongWithTodd is where I chronicle all of my travel adventures in Picture-n-Caption format! So come along for the ride … won’t you?

Such Fun!

Out and About! – Random Trips from Boise and Beyond! …
The latest? The Alps!

Europe 2021-2022
The latest? How about photos from Portugal – The Mainland and Madeira!

Europe 2017 – Austria, Italy, and Switzerland

Lake Tahoe 2016

Europe 2014 – Sardinia, Corsica, and Paris

London 2012 – On the Road with Ned Evett

North America 2010/2011 – With Ned Evett Opening for Joe Satriani

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